Clone of Inflammation: Part 3

The Microwave

Almost everyone has a microwave in their home. It is one of the most-used appliances in a household.

The microwave has becoming a very handy appliance for working moms, students in college, even younger kids know how to use it. It is one of those kitchen items that, as soon it breaks, gets replaced because it seems to be indispensable and is relatively inexpensive.

Let me tell you how microwave works and what it does to your ultimate health. Microwaves use very high speed friction to warm up your food. For example, when you put your hands together and start rubbing them against each other really fast with pressure, eventually your hands will warm up, right? This is what the microwave does to your food.  It frictions the food molecules really fast to the point that your food not only gets really hot, it actually burns.

What it seems like a very practical appliance in the kitchen it turns out to be a harmful nutrient killer. This process destroys 97% of all the nutrients in your food, leaving your food with empty calories. This means that your food will make you fat with NO nutrients in your body and can be a big deal when we do that to our 3 meals of the day.  We are essentially eating with without any nutritional value, and what is left is only trans fats and sugars.

Microwaves are one of the causes for people being overweight and undernourished. In the long run, this can lead to other health problems besides being overweight. When we eat a meal with no nutritional value, we tend to be hungry shortly after that because our body didn’t get anything good. You have a full stomach for a short time, then cravings which can often cause you to binge.

When we don’t consume the necessary nutrients from vegetables, proteins and high carbs, inflammation quickly develops because the food that is supposed to help in reducing inflammation can’t do its because it doesn’t have what it needs to do the job. Meanwhile, we are piling up cortisol in our tissues due to the daily stress and without the necessary nutrients to fight, our bodies become more vulnerable to illnesses and overweight.

My recommendation is to please think twice the next time you are going to use the microwave to reheat your meal. The better option would be to warm up your food on the stove with a skillet or in a warm oven. A quick 10 minutes is all it takes and you will benefit from it greatly.